Preventing a hangover

Here are my top tips in order to prevent a hangover

There are 3 things that contribute to a hangover; blood alcohol levels, stomach acidity & dehydration

Ideally you would go for triple distilled clear alcohol. The clearer the alcohol generally the less bad it is for you. Ie Vodka or Gin.

Stomach acidity comes from mixing drinks. This is especially true for cocktails. Those fruit juices not only have a lot of sugar that will increase your insulin levels and then drop them massively while you sleep. So ideally avoid the cocktails.

Dehydration is pretty obvious. Everyone from your mum to school teachers will say “have a glass of water inbetween each alcoholic drink”. Well that is not gonna happen. Before you go out leave a sugar free powerade next to your bed and a berocca with water for when you wake up. I was also talking to a neuro-scientist about a month ago and he said coffee does a really good job at metabolising alcohol. So be basic and pop to Starbucks!