We designed the Bro Jug to help people meet their daily water requirements. People in all walks of life, children, athletes and busy professionals all have issues with getting optimum hydration. The BroJug is here to change that. We tried to figure out why people do not drink enough, and the top reason is that it is extremely inconvenient and wasteful to keep refilling and discarding plastic water bottles, or carrying around a huge Evian bottle. We then went out to create a durable and re-usable solution that you would only have to fill up once a day in order to get your daily water intake. The Bro Jug is now being used by students, doctors, business people and professional athletes. We really do believe in the idea that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, whenever they want. Therefore we pledge to donate a proportion of our sales to Wateraid.

Designed To Perfection

We have designed the BRO JUG to be shatterproof and drop resistant up to 3 feet- We’ve tested multiple designs with multiple materials, including our competitors’ products, until we were happy with the perfect, lightweight and highly durable product.


We utilise the best people to create our beautiful and functional products- Therefore, if you are unhappy with anything please let us know as we would love the opportunity to turn your experience around- This is why we offer a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE as standard on all our products

Make The World A Better Place

Extreme poverty won’t end until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene- When you purchase a BRO JUG, a donation will be made on your behalf to Water Aid to help the 31% of schools worldwide that do not have access to clean water

Easy To Clean

There is nothing worse than mixing BCAA powders, pre-workouts or electrolyte mixtures into a water bottle, forgetting about them in the boot of your car, and then having to throw them away- First, you won’t want to forget about your BRO JUG – Second, due to the wide mouth, it is very easy to clean