Is Sports Psychology Real?

Is sports psychology real?

Sport psychology puts huge emphasis on positive thinking, projection, goal setting etc.

In the example I have used above of one of the most feared and dangerous humans ever to have lived talks about how he dreamt of losing, being humiliated and the fear he had in the built up to fights.

From my expereince I have seen a large proportion of book smart sport psychologists work with individuals with a one size fits all plan. If you told Mike Tyson- the man that did acid aged 10 from the gang filled streets of brooklyn about positive thinking you would have had your ear bitten off.

I think you have to be your own coach because most people stick to what works for them or their previous clients and therefore it must work on you. I beleive you need to learn to pick and choose the information you get and track everything. This way you can almost coach yourself.

The big take away is that I think each athlete is individual. My earlier post shows a quote from messi and kobe bryant. Messi says there is more important things than winning and losing and Kobe says winning takes precedence over all. Both freak winners.

Gotta figure how you work. Sorry that wasn’t the quick fix easy answer you were looking for.

Your body is made up of everything that you eat

Your body is made up of everything that you eat

I found this quote really interesting. As a headline it is very obvious but when you think that every single cell in your body is created from the food that you eat you start the view things differently.

Do you want your brain cells to be made from coke or pizza?

Do you want your muscle cells in your heart to be made from sausages?

Do you want your central nervous system cells to be made from coffee?

There is always place for junk food but everything you eat or drink becomes a part of you and if you make sure that the majority of the time you are getting the correct macro and importantly micro nutrients you will be in a good place in the future. Things like eating vegetables are a hassle and you won’t see a benefit from in the short term but having that foresight to the future will be worth it

Preventing a hangover

Preventing a hangover

Here are my top tips in order to prevent a hangover

There are 3 things that contribute to a hangover; blood alcohol levels, stomach acidity & dehydration

Ideally you would go for triple distilled clear alcohol. The clearer the alcohol generally the less bad it is for you. Ie Vodka or Gin.

Stomach acidity comes from mixing drinks. This is especially true for cocktails. Those fruit juices not only have a lot of sugar that will increase your insulin levels and then drop them massively while you sleep. So ideally avoid the cocktails.

Dehydration is pretty obvious. Everyone from your mum to school teachers will say “have a glass of water inbetween each alcoholic drink”. Well that is not gonna happen. Before you go out leave a sugar free powerade next to your bed and a berocca with water for when you wake up. I was also talking to a neuro-scientist about a month ago and he said coffee does a really good job at metabolising alcohol. So be basic and pop to Starbucks!

Are you hurting or are you suffering?

Are you hurting or are you suffering?

I was watching a London real video interview with David Millar. He was a professional cyclist that beat Lance Armstrong at one point but got caught for taking banned drugs.

He made an interesting comment, he said that when its your day you need to be out at the front dictating the pace. You are hurting but thats the best bit because you are hurting and dictating your own terms to everyone else. It is very much self inflicted with a purpose.

If you are at the back of the pack everyone in front of you is dictating the pace. Therefore you are suffering at the hands of others. This links back to one of the quotes I posted from Terry Crews about not focussing on what others do. Others play to their strengths and if you try and copy them you are gonna have to be stronger in their strength than them.

If find yourself at the back you need to make sure you go back to following your strengths and not following what works for others as it might not suit your skills.

These examples are focussed on sport but are just as transferable to business and life too.

Foam rolling myths

Foam Rolling Myths

Myth 1: Foam rollers break down muscle ahesions.

Hmmm… a steak is made of muscle tissue. Go put a foam roller on it and see how long it takes to break down. Also if it did break down adhesions why do you become restricted in the same area a day or two later?

Myth 2: Foam rollers loosen out all my muscles.

Hmmm.. depends where you use it. Foam rollers are not very specific therefore it is very difficult to get a meaningful change in muscle tone. A lot of people then move on to the hard aggresive rumble rollers. In order to make a muscle relax you have to work into it. When you are about to get punched in the arm do you tense up or relax? Same principle. Thats why a good sports massage will get gradually firmer and not start at Death Con 5 ie the rumble roller. Also STOP FOAM ROLLING YOUR IT BAND. Its a tendon! You’re spending 15 mins foam rolling a tendon. You are getting such minor improvements, instead focus on what is pulling it tight. The TFL.

What are they actually good for?

Foam rollers are great for your mid back to help fix that slough and maybe large body parts (lats, quads) but apart from that the improvements you are probably getting is from short term and from endorphin release and increased localised blood flow.

Success is a habit

‘We are what we do repeatedly. Success is not an action but a habit’ – Aristotle

I speak a lot about forming good habits whilst simultaneously breaking bad habits. Good habits stacked on top of each other accrue cumulative benefits.

Creating habits can automate a lot of your tasks, and give you extra mental energy for complex tasks later in the day. This is why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes everyday. All these small, 1% things will build up over time and lead to dramatic results.