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Peanut - Thoracic Spine

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Foam rolling myths

Foam Rolling Myths

Myth 1: Foam rollers break down muscle ahesions.

Hmmm… a steak is made of muscle tissue. Go put a foam roller on it and see how long it takes to break down. Also if it did break down adhesions why do you become restricted in the same area a day or two later?

Myth 2: Foam rollers loosen out all my muscles.

Hmmm.. depends where you use it. Foam rollers are not very specific therefore it is very difficult to get a meaningful change in muscle tone. A lot of people then move on to the hard aggresive rumble rollers. In order to make a muscle relax you have to work into it. When you are about to get punched in the arm do you tense up or relax? Same principle. Thats why a good sports massage will get gradually firmer and not start at Death Con 5 ie the rumble roller. Also STOP FOAM ROLLING YOUR IT BAND. Its a tendon! You’re spending 15 mins foam rolling a tendon. You are getting such minor improvements, instead focus on what is pulling it tight. The TFL.

What are they actually good for?

Foam rollers are great for your mid back to help fix that slough and maybe large body parts (lats, quads) but apart from that the improvements you are probably getting is from short term and from endorphin release and increased localised blood flow.