Meet The Team 

Our Story

Suraj and Lloyd’s friendship began when they were toddlers. They lived across the road from each other from the age of four, they were in the same class at school, and have grown up as best friends ever since.

In September 2016, Lloyd had just finished playing for the Northamptonshire County Cricket Team following a season that had been plagued with injuries. During a gym session, Suraj suggested started a company together focusing on improving performance, recovery, and preventing injury. This led to Sports Medica being born. Suraj and Lloyd have travelled the world together and their skills complement each other perfectly with Lloyd’s creativity balancing Suraj’s analytical skills.

In 2011, Lloyd joined the Oxford MCC University cricket team. Here, Patrick was running the strength and conditioning programme. Lloyd recognised Patrick as the best resource for health and fitness, and spent the next five years being mentored by Patrick.

In early 2018, Patrick joined the Sports Medica team and has been an invaluable resource when designing and innovating new products, whilst also helping to develop our social media resources.

The Sports Medica family continues to grow with the recent inclusion of Suraj’s sister, Punam, who has come on board in a consultancy role.

Dr. Suraj Kukadia

Suraj prides himself on his academic abilities. He achieved the highest academic scholarship to study Medicine at Imperial College London, where he graduated summa cum lauda in Surgery, and at 18 he was recognised as one of the top 10 mathematicians in the UK for his age. He regularly teaches Cambridge University students using his knowledge of the human body.

As a doctor, Suraj has worked alongside patients for many years across a range of specialties. He currently works in Orthopaedics helping patients with their musculoskeletal conditions. He takes particular interest in aches and pains relating to posture, exercise, and training, which has helped us choose the products for our range at Sports Medica. This helps us target common and specific conditions that affect many people, aiming to make our customers happier, healthier, and most importantly, pain free.

Patrick Cane

Patrick has helped thousands of people move, perform, feel and think better through his work as both an osteopath and as a strength and conditioning coach.

As well as helping people understand themselves and their bodies, Patrick works with people to help them create new habits, behaviours and successful outcomes in their performance.

In a career of over ten years, Patrick has worked with Olympians, para-Olympians kids, grandparents, desk workers, members of the armed forces, pole dancers and everything in between to get people out of pain and performing better.

Patrick is always keen to look for better, faster and more efficient ways for people to move and feel better. He is excited to be working with Sports Medica in both educating people and developing new products.

Lloyd Paternott

Lloyd’s love of sports performance and physiology came from his time at university where, alongside studying for his bachelor’s degree, he played cricket for Oxford MCC University and Northamptonshire. After leaving university, Lloyd went on to play cricket for the Ugandan national team in tournaments around the world.

Throughout Lloyd’s sporting career he has suffered many injuries. These have stemmed from poor posture, over training, poor sleep and poor genetics. To overcome these injuries, he has spent seven years researching the effects these variables have on sport performance and has developed numerous coping mechanisms for them.

Lloyd is always keen to explore new ways of improving performance for everyone, from Olympic athletes through to sedentary workers. The trick he has learned is to create small, easy actionable tools. He has created Sports Medica’s podcast and blog to share some of his ideas on human performance.

Dr. Punam Kukadia

Punam qualified as a doctor in 2013 from Imperial College London, where she graduated summa cum laude in Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Pharmacology and General Practice. She was awarded first class honours in Cardiovascular Sciences, and has several publications in respected, peer-reviewed journals.

Punam has chosen to specialise in Emergency Medicine, and due to its fast-paced nature she has had to become strict with her diet and exercise programme. In recent years she has become an avid cyclist, regularly completing 100km rides for charity and is currently working towards becoming a triathlete. She has battled with foot and knee pain for much of her adult life, which has inspired her to help others with their posture, footwear, and rehabilitation.