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We want the Bro Jug to be perfect for you. Therefore, we carried out rigorous tests to analyse every functionality of the bottle. A clear plastic allows you to monitor the volume of fluid you have drunk through the day – no one wants to over-hydrate by drinking loads in the evening. The matt finish gives this bottle a touch of class, style and elegance. Our flip top is LEAK PROOF to all the water, powders and fluids we tested, making it the ideal bottle for office use, while being able to open it with one hand when driving. The flip top is also more hygienic than other screw top versions and so it will not lead to horrible smells.

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We designed the Bro Jug because it is clear that hardly anyone drinks enough water, including professional athletes, London Stock Exchange traders and, most importantly, children. We tried to figure out why people do not drink enough, and the top reason is that it is extremely inconvenient and wasteful to keep refilling and discarding plastic water bottles, or carrying around a huge Evian bottle. We then went out to create a durable and re-usable solution that you would only have to fill up once a day in order to get your daily water intake. The Bro Jug is now being used by students, doctors, business people and professional athletes.

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