You may have not heard of Voodoo floss but in a few years, you will have. As we know America is at the forefront of sporting advancements with billions of dollars flowing into the college sports alone. Generally American athletes are the first to adopt the newest technology to the sporting world for example; skins tights, foam rolling and cryotherapy. Voodoo floss has already seen huge sales in America because it is so easy to travel with, it’s more effective and versatile than any foam roller. it gives longer lasting results in a much shorter time and is a clear step up for tight muscles. The Voodoo floss has been championed by Dr. Kelly Starrett on his Youtube channel Mobility WOD so if you are looking for some great information there is a brilliant place to start.

Sick Of Foam Rolling?

Voodoo flossing targets the tightest muscles around a joint and allows you to stretch them. This gives a far superior result to foam rolling.

Perfect For Injuries

When using voodoo floss correctly you will be able to alleviate the strain on ‘pulled’ muscles by relaxing muscles around the point of tension. This allows the muscle to recover faster and be less likely to be injured during the crucial recovery period.

Recover Like An Athlete

Due to the high levels of compression, tissue adhesions are forced to slide along each other with minimal tissue displacement. This leads to a superior result over deep tissue massages and foam rolling

Skin Friendly

We have specifically designed our voodoo floss so that it can be used on bare skin and body hair- All other Voodoo Floss bands bind to your skin, rip the hair off, and cause devastating damage