We designed the Bro Jug because it is clear that hardly anyone drinks enough water, including professional athletes, London Stock Exchange traders and, most importantly, children. We tried to figure out why people do not drink enough, and the top reason is that it is extremely inconvenient and wasteful to keep refilling and discarding plastic water bottles, or carrying around a huge Evian bottle. We then went out to create a durable and re-usable solution that you would only have to fill up once a day in order to get your daily water intake. The Bro Jug is now being used by students, doctors, business people and professional athletes. We really do believe in the idea that everyone should have access to clean drinking water, whenever they want. Therefore we pledge to donate a proportion of our sales to Wateraid.

Be Your Own Physio

The lacrosse ball is more valuable than any foam roller- It allows you to be more specific when targeting certain areas for trigger point therapy, including the hamstrings, pectorals, rotator cuffs, occipitals (base of the head) and the TFL

Rehab Tool

The lacrosse ball is both simple and extremely versatile- It can be used to loosen muscles, whilst being firm enough to promote blood flow to specific muscles, improving stretch reflexes and lymphatic drainage

What The Pro’s Use

The lacrosse ball has become a go to product for physios, professional athletes (including Olympians) and CEO’s that travel a lot. Due to its size, it’s far more convenient than a traditional foam roller.


The lacrosse ball is the ultimate all-in-one tool when it comes to fixing posture- The pectorals and TFL are the muscles that become the tightest and are the most common causes of poor posture- A lacrosse ball is the easiest and most effective way of loosening those problem muscles