Knee Pillow


This is the original Sports Medica product. Our knee pillow took 100’s of hours to design, test and manufacture. The reason we decided to take it on as our first product is because we know that this pillow can have a dramatic positive impact on our customers quality of life and quality of sleep, but all of the alternatives either fell off in the night, were too soft or were poor quality. We consistently are talking to consultants, patients and customers to see how we can continue to improve the pillow. If you have been following our journey you will have seen the designs of all of our products and the information we provide with them continue to evolve.

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  • Our Sports Medica pillow can be used to improve the venous return and lymphatic drainage of your legs, alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, maintain cervical spine alignment, and aid in recovery following knee/hip/shoulder surgery.
  • Free e-Book available for download – Written by licensed medical doctors, with input from a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and professional athletes; This e-Book will help you get the most out of your new memory foam pillow.
  • Our pillow has been designed by doctors, athletes and physiotherapists- When used between the knees, the pillow will prevent pelvic rotation and improve spinal alignment- This will relieve the pressure on your sciatic nerve and stop your sciatic, hip, and lower back pain from developing – That sounds like a win-win, so get ready to say hello to the perfect night’s sleep.

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